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Kitchen Accessories, Storage and Bakeware are three of the most important reason to visit one of your stores. You need the right tools for the job to be a really good cook and to enjoy your time in the kitchen. From cooking utensils and prep tools to we’ve sourced the best quality products we can find. Tumblers and mugs, tongs, ladles, mashers, brushes and whisks, bowls and containers are all part of the range of kitchen accessories.

Baking Accessories and Tools
Even those who don’t aspire to Master Chef status can give this a try. After all, we all know that in order to bake, don’t we? It is not expensive. All you need is a few basic tools – a mixing bowl and measuring spoons, cups and jugs. Don’t forget, you also need a rolling pin, spatula, whisk and a range of cake and muffin tins – and a few sheet pans. At Household Plastic we have top of the range silicone baking utensils and tools, like spatulas, loaf pans, and muffin pans. With these silicone baking goods there is no greasing and no fuss and they are so much better than using paper liners which may or may not easily remove at serving time. Chocolate lovers will enjoy using the chocolate moulds. Make delicious home made chocolates in all shapes and sizes. For bakers, we have really cute biscuit cutters that the kids will love.

Kitchen Storage and Organisation
Our shelves are full of food containers of all shapes and sizes. We source the best products from around the world to make your kitchen and your wallet happy. Take a look – with these food containers you can freeze, store, reheat and get food on the table safer and faster. So whether you want to save money or save calories by taking your own lunch to work or just want to keep the creepy crawlies out of dry ingredients, these containers will make your kitchen a happier place to be.

Three Specialised Kitchen Gadgets and how to use them.
Kitchen Prep Tools- Looking for a new garlic press, a colander or a range of cutting boards and mats, you are in the right place. Just in case you need them, we also stock can openers, juicers, peelers, funnels and sifters.

Cleaning in the Kitchen- One of the first kitchen items anybody buys is a dish rack. At Household Plastic we also stock cleaning bushes, brooms and dustpans, mops, sponges and cleaning tools and don’t forget the oven gloves, oven mitts and potholders to protect your hands

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