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We know that the best and most successful events aren’t just about food and décor – they are about the love and care each person puts into the preparation of making the event truly special.

Baking and Catering Packaging
Many new bakers, caterers and business people have no idea where to go to buy the platters, bases and packaging for their wares. These disposable platters and lids are often used by the catering trade for presentation of fresh foods. Re-usable & disposable. Polystyrene cups and tubs, foam trays (10pc), Foam Trays (2Div 75pc), Foam Trays and dome and of course pie cups are available at all our stores as well as take away containers with lids and tin foil roasting pans with lids. Another essential for any catering business is plastic bags and plastic packets of varying sizes especially those with the zipper. And if you are selling popcorn or pies at the fete you need grease proof bags. Don’t forget to take a look at our Event Checklist.

Catering Furniture
Fold up and put away tables, benches and chairs and coffee tables of the Platone brand are perfect for big events or just for adding a few extra places at the dinner table. They are durable and easy to clean.

Bubble Wrap
Not only is bubble wrap one of the more useful inventions of our time, it is essential when packing practically anything breakable. You can buy bubble wrap on demand from us.

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