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Bathroom & Laundry

Restyle your Bathroom
So why don’t you inject some style into your bathroom and give it a bit of a revamp? Make it a bit more fab and less drab. Bathrooms are practical, intimate rooms, which means you need a large mirror. Mirrors help to distribute natural light and add a touch of natural glamour. Choose a fancier shower curtain. We have a selection of colours and styles to choose from that will transform your bathroom. Always include storage that can hide clutter, like laundry baskets, soap dishes, peg baskets and storage baskets. If you have a baby in the house you need a nappy bucket, potty and or potty chair as well as a baby bath. So whether you are looking for a bath stool, an anti -slip mat, toilet roll insert or a toothbrush holder, we have it all instore.

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