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People come from far to buy our educational toys. We have toys that you won’t find anywhere else in town – beautifully made wooden toys, educational toys for all ages and baby bowls, spoons, plates and cups.

Baby Feeding Essentials
When babies are ready for solids, you will need a whole lot of baby feeding essentials to help reduce the mess and stress and make sure baby is happily fed. Take a look at our baby feeding cups, bowls and cutlery.

Baby Bath and Potty
When you have a little one it needs a baby bath and potty chair and toilet trainer along the way. Before you get to this point, we can help you out with a 20lt nappy bucket. One thing all kids love is to play in the sand, so if you can’t make it to the beach that often, why not get them a sunny shell pit and some kiddies; play sand. This will keep them busy and happy right in your back yard or on your patio. As little one grows older, they want to be busy and productive, so a wheelbarrow and a pull wagon are a great gift, especially for an active little one who enjoys moving objects from one place to the other.

Black Plastic Kids Scooters
You know those little foot propelled black plastic bikes that make a big noise scooting up and down your driveway? Some people call them ride-on racers or Zoot ‘n Scoot or sit and ride bikes. Well we have them in various colours and sizes. These tough plastic scooters for kids are an essential because they keep the little ones busy and burn off heaps of energy. We also stock other kiddies’ goods, like inflatable pools, beach toys, basic blocks and all the face paint, crayons and paint you can dream of.

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