Event Planning: Make Sure of Success with a Catering Checklist

5 November 2017

Event Planning is not something to be taken lightly – make sure you have a checklist when you cater for birthdays, corporate events, conferences or any occasion. If you’re still a rookie here is a short checklist to make sure you’re in good shape.

Know your Guests
Understand who is attending the event so that you can plan the perfect menu, decor and program. It’s no point serving pink cupcakes at a corporate business event. Be relevant.

Special Needs and Dietary Restrictions
While it is good to have a themed menu, it is also a good idea to give your guests options, i.e. fish, vegetarian, chicken or beef. Find out before the time if guests have cultural, religious or dietary choices.

The Venue is an Important Part of your Planning
Is this event happening in someone’s back yard, lounge, conference room, boardroom or in the garden?  Are you planning to use a function room at a hotel or conference centre? Think about access, security and parking.

Create a Diagram of your Venue
Where will your drinks and snacks be served?  Where is the kitchen located? These details need to be accounted for so you know what you need to organise or bring from your side, such as extra tables or hot plates.

How will you Transport the Food to the Venue?
At Household Plastic we are geared up for all the aspects of catering. Pack your cakes, and cooked goods in our foam trays, cake domes, and platter bases with lids. For any additional décor that needs to be taken to the venue, we have bubble wrap.

Helpers and Vendors Contact List
While you may be the planner of the event, you will have people helping you. Keep a list of their contact numbers on you at all times.

Post Event Expectations
What happens when the event is over? Who will be responsible to removing the flowers? what will you do with the leftover food? What about the details of cleaning up the venue?

It is important for the event planner to make sure it all runs smoothly on the day of the event, so get your catering checklist done and if you have any catering requirements like cake stands, packaging etc, come to your nearest Household Plastic Store.




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