Parties for Kids - Ideas, Planning and Activities

19 September 2017

Planning a party for your little one can be quite stressful. After all, you have to consider themes, party favors, foods, entertainment and where you’re going to have it.

One stop at any of our four Household Plastic Stores can help you check quite a few things off your planning list.

Theme or no Theme?
A kid’s party with no theme is often easier when it comes to planning activities, food, and decorations because it doesn’t limit what you can do. Balloons are always a good idea. Kids want to have fun at a party – as long they have something to do they’ll be thrilled.

What Time Should the Party Start?
Keep the party short and sweet so that the kiddies don’t get over tired. A successful children’s party is not a long drawn-out affair. Depending on the age of the young ones and the activities, around three hours duration should be fine. Mornings or afternoons, depending on the age of the kids and the availability of parents.

Great Party Food for Kid’s Parties
Offer food that is both healthy and party appropriate like cupcakes, sweets and sandwiches. How about having plain cupcakes and getting the kiddies to decorate their own? We have a great cupcake stands available.

What Plates and Cups Should be Used?
Plastic or Paper cups and utensils are best for Kid’s parties. You don’t want the kiddies dropping your fine china on the floor. We have a great range of polka dot paper cups and straws, perfect to add some colour and fun to the party.

Games and Activities to Make a Party Great
Plan your activities wisely. Party activities are a great way for the parents to take a time out and let the little ones run off the sugar rush. Simple games like Duck Duck Goose and Musical Chairs  are always popular party games.

A little bit of planning and organising makes a kids party a success. And if you come to Household Plastic, it won’t empty your wallet.

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