Three Specialised Kitchen Gadgets – Bag Clips, Braai Mat and Egg Rings

When one thinks of kitchen gadgets, you often overlook these three, bag clips, egg rings and a braai mat.

Essential Bag Clips

One of those often overlooked kitchen essentials are bag clips. They’re easy to use – just fold over the opened top of a bag and clip.

Bag clips keep all kinds of food fresher and tastier for longer. Versatile and durable, they’re ideal for securely closing all kinds of food bags and other plastic food wrappers.

Most bag clips are perfectly at home in the fridge, freezer and cupboards. They’re incredibly useful when you’re having a picnic or getting the kids’ lunchboxes ready, too, as well as for snacking on the move.

By helping to prevent food going stale and stopping flies, ants and other insects from feasting on your tasty treats, these bag clips are a wonderful way to minimise waste and preserve taste.

Bag Clip thoughts:

  • Make sure your packets of chips and biscuits get sealed after use
  • Securely fasten food bags to help the contents stay fresh and keep out insects
  • Minimise food waste
  • Ideal for use at home, outdoors and when travelling.

Egg Rings – Frying Eggs in a Round Shape

Want to make an egg like McDonalds? Then you need to use an egg ring.

Read how McDonalds Gets the Egg on Your McMuffin Perfect Every Time

If you want to make a round shaped, beautiful egg, place the ring in a hot pan and break egg into it.

Cook on medium low heat for a minute or two and then remove the ring; the egg will stay in the circular shape. Flip the egg over and cook for another minute and it’ll be ready to eat. You’ll find that this circular egg will fit a bagel or English muffin perfectly

Note: Egg rings are usually made from silicone, which won’t stick or from stainless steel, which requires non-stick spray before using them. If you don’t have spray, use butter or margarine.

Braai Mat – Essential for Awesome Outside Cooking

If you don’t have at least one braai mat, you need to go to our nearest store right now and buy one. And if you have one, why not buy another one to give to a good friend. This non-stick reusable mat turns any surface into a grill.

The 100% non-stick and reusable braai mat stops your braai meat from falling through the grill and is easy to clean.

It is awesome for a braai with fatty meats (like wors and chops) to avoid flaming up. Really nice to have for fish and patties, and works great with chicken.

This is the perfect product when you’re afraid to put your ‘clean’ meat on a dirty braai grid, like in a park or campgrounds.  It also can be used for stir fry’s, making pancakes on a fire, and if you are from the Cape and can’t have a braai without the proverbial “braaibroodjie”, you can make that beloved toasted cheese, tomato and onion sarmie on the braai mat.

For those who have vegetarian or vegan friends and relatives to consider, it is easy – just cook the meat and the veggies on separate braai mats.

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