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4 September 2017

We’re hear to give you the best tips on how to use our products effectively!

1. Mops
Whether used for wet or dry cleaning, mops are always on the hunt for clean floors. Every organized home needs at least two: a wet mop, to pick up wet spills and wash hard-surface floors; and a dry mop, to collect dry dust, dirt, and pet hair. A dry cover polishes away the last of the water and can then be easily washed and dried!

2. Brooms
Push brooms, which we call gutter sweepers, are made from synthetic bristles arrayed in a wide flat base. They’re used to sweep large areas like the garages, gutters and patios. Rougher bristles allow the push broom to tackle irregular surfaces. Normal brooms are made from natural bristles, and they’re the all-purpose solution for sweeping chores. Pair them with a dustpan for quick kitchen cleanups; the rough bristles do a superior job on flooring material with a coarse or pitted surface that holds dirt, such as brick or concrete.

3. Dust busters
Where there’s life, there’s dust! Dust comes in through the open window or door, or hitches a ride inside on shoes and clothing. A duster with a long handle extends your reach and is useful for dusting delicate, detailed items. Long wool fibers attract and hold fine dust until you release it outside by twirling the wand firmly between your palms!
The number one goal for dusting: to collect and remove dust, not scatter it.
Dust top to bottom. When dusting, it’s inevitable that some dust will fly, no matter how careful you are. Give yourself a second chance to collect escaped dust particles by starting at the top and working down: ceiling fan or light fixtures, wall-hung artwork, window mouldings or furniture!

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