Picnic Time

6 August 2017

Plan an old-fashioned picnic! If you don’t know where to even begin, the following are some tips on what to pack to make it a success. While the food is a given, there are other things to consider to make it more comfortable and worthwhile!

  1. A picnic basket

Our picnic baskets come in a neutral tone and a colourful one! The closed tops make it easier to carry without everything spilling out! Keep some fruits, nuts and biltong for extra snacks on top for along the way, especially if you are travelling with kids and the journey might take longer than you planned.

  1. Blanket

Don’t forget to pack a blanket to sit on. Sitting on the grass can become unpleasant. Our baskets are large enough to fit all your picnic supplies in!

  1. Lighting

Depending on when you want to go on your picnic, candles and lighting can always be a nice addition to add to the luxury and fun of the picnic. Create a DIY candle with our mason jars or take some battery fairy lights.

  1. Plates and Utensils

Often in the excitement of arranging a picnic, we forget to pack plates, glasses and utensils! Those should be the second to go in after your blanket. Avoid taking glass in case it breaks all over the food or at the picnic. Shop our plastic plates and glasses range here: http://householdplastic.co.za/for-home/kitchen/

  1. Entertainment

While a picnic can be fun, you may run out of topics to chat about or things to look at so pack board games or some cards for some after eating fun! Shop the outdoor range now: http://householdplastic.co.za/for-parties/outdoor/. Now that you have your picnic all sorted. Find your perfect picnic spot location: http://www.ilovedurban.co.za/10-best-spots-picnicdurban/

P.S. Pack wet wipes! These are so useful for keeping hands and faces clean when you’re eating outdoors.

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