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23 July 2017

Where you work affects how you work. Turn your office desk into uncluttered and non-distracting environment. Even if you work mainly on a computer, there is still a good chance you have papers all over your desk. Your space should help you be as productive as possible.

Below are a couple tips to keeping your desk clean leaving you to be


1. Have a catchment area

Our desk drawer is the perfect size to keep on your desk and organize the flow of papers with drawers for important documents, normal documents, legal papers and junk.

2. A two tray system

If a desk drawer is too bulky for you then create a two-tray system for new documents and documents you’ve looked at and need to deal with. Make sure you get to those opened files though!

3. A desk drawer magician

All too often we keep items on our desk that can be easily stored away in a drawer magician. Our desk drawer magicians can store your stapler to your fruit for the day. Store any personal items you need kept at work in your drawer magician!

Household Plastics can help optimize your office storage space and make you as productive as possible in the workplace! From desk drawers to storage bins. Add some colour and creativity with

Household Plastic storage solutions!


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