One-pot container gardens

15 October 2017

Most of feel that we can’t grow our own herbs and flowers because we lack the garden space, but what we don’t realize is that we can grow more than we think we can! Getting a bit of direct sunlight can go a long way. Whether you have a small balcony off your apartment or a little concrete slab off your house, you can grow your own fresh, homegrown herbs and vegetables. We’re going to explain how to create an one-pot container garden:

1. Purchase one of our large store containers (choose the size you wish your garden to be), and drill holes into it for drainage.

2. Purchase or dig up some soil and fill the container and plant your seedlings! Make sure you check with the nursery how much sunlight your plants need. We have T markers available if you’d like to mark which herbs are which!

3. We have a variety of pots available for your flowers if you want to keep them separate from your vegetable garden.

4. Purchase one of our watering cans or spray bottles and make sure you keep watering your garden.

5. Create your own compost with old vegetable and fruit peels and toss it in your garden to keep your garden fresh and alive!

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