Making Gardening Easy

6 April 2016

There is nothing like the feeling of peace that is achieved by a stroll in the garden – any outside pursuit showcases the brilliance of nature and soothes your soul. If you are having a tough day it is our advice that you take a second and go outside! Close your eyes, feel the life giving caress of the sun on your face….. and breathe! There you are, feels better already, doesn’t it?!

If you are fortunate enough to have your own garden, then this little respite from life can be done on a regular basis. However a messy, unkempt outdoor space ruins the feel good factor pronto! So, to enable you to maintain your little slice of heaven, Household Plastics have a variety of plastic products that are invaluable in the garden.


Our stock of garden equipment like  garden pots are all you need to contain those plants and to stop them from sprawling untidily all over the place. A few well placed pots look neat and tidy and they are easier to keep watered too! They look really attractive arranged in odd numbers e.g. 3 or 5 pots together. With your plants in pots you don’t have to fight with flowerbeds that get bigger each time you dig in them and become unshapely over time. Of course, if you do not have a garden our pots afford you the indulgence of indoor plants, bringing the outside in to where you are!

Once you have potted your favourite blooms or flower beds they will need regular watering – there is great satisfaction in watching a wilted plant perk up after being watered. As a wholesaler of plastic products we stock 10L, 5L and 2L watering cans to cater to the size of your garden and the amount of water you need.

Raking your garden may be necessary every now & then, however we make it a pleasant chore if you use one of our rakes – come and see what we have in stock in our gardening category – you will be pleased you did! Don’t forget, we deliver.

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