Ideas for our glass range!

22 October 2017

Our glass range comes in all shapes and sizes! They’re perfect for decorations, jams, storage, recycling, food and so much more! We’re giving you some tips on how to best use our glass range.

1. Food preservation
If you’re crafty in the kitchen and enjoy making your own jams and sauces, our jars are great for storing your creations! Pop a label on it and sell it at the local market…

2. Lunch in a jar!
The latest phenomenon seems to be taking your lunch in the jar. It’s easy to cart around and keeps cool. Layer a salad in the jar, or put
some muesli and yoghurt for breakfast on the go.

3. A plant jar
Jars make great planters for those who enjoy watching roots grow and want something a little different to grow plants in!

4. Baking
Holidays are coming up, which means many get-togethers with friends and family so why not spice things up for dessert? Create little cupcakes to fit in the jar, serve mousse or ice cream, chocolates, and so much more in the jars!

5. Natural room scents
Create your own fresh smell in the house without artificial scents and chemicals. All you have to do is simmer some sweet smelling ingredients in water. A good suggestion is citrus, it lasts long and gives off a fresh scent; a touch of vanilla extract improves most room fragrances just as mint!

6. Decorations
Pop some fairy lights or tea light candles into a jar and add a romantic atmosphere into any room.

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