Home office a mess? Get it sorted in 5 easy steps!

25 August 2016

Do you work from home? Is your home office the ordered and efficient place you need it to be or is it so messy you battle to actually get any work done when you’re there? Studies show that the most productive individuals work in organised spaces that encourage a sense of calm and efficiency.

All too often your home office gets swallowed up the chaos of the rest of your house, especially if you have young children. But you can claim back your space!



It will take a bit of time but it’s simple enough to do – empty every drawer and shelf in your office. Just leave behind the furniture. Now, place all your items, folders, and pieces of paper in an open space and sort them into piles – action, file, recycle/donate, and trash. This will give you the opportunity to purge outdated or irrelevant materials and pieces of paper. Return each item you are keeping to your office with this firm rule in mind – A place for everything and everything in its place.


If you don’t have a filing system in place, you need one. It will help you to create (and maintain) order and you will always be able to find what you need. Place an in-tray close to your computer for items you are still working on or that need your immediate attention – make sure the tray is visible and that it is the first thing you attend to every day. File the rest of your paperwork (completed items) in plastic filing units, using a colour coded system e.g. divide your filing into categories like family, medical, and business, and file every piece of paper or correspondence in the correct place. Operate a paperless office? Well done! You can use the same tip to create an electronic filing system – a desktop covered in files is a messy home office all on its own.


Organise your stationery using desk drawer organisers, plastic bins, containers, and baskets. Store like items together. This will make them easier to find when you need them, to know when certain supplies are running low, and will help declutter your office, giving it a cleaner, more organised look overall.


Take a good look at the technology you use (or don’t use) in your office. Is any of it outdated or broken? Get rid of it or have it fixed and get it up and running again. Is it time to trade in some of your older equipment for something newer and more space efficient like a printer and scanner in one? If you don’t operate on a wireless system, tidy up all the wires hanging on and around your desk. Use cable ties and tape and get them off the floor and neatly secured behind the desk. This will help for safety as well as organisation purposes. Store any tools you need to use in the office in a tool box (don’t you just love our Magyver tool box?) and store that box neatly away.


A small office space can easily become overcrowded and messy. Take a look around – what empty, previously unused space, could come in handy in your new organised office? What about installing some open shelves above your desk as a handy storage space for boxes or using door hooks or hanging tools behind the door for easy access storage?

An organised office will save you time and energy and make you feel calmer and more productive. And it’s not that hard to get organised once you have a plan in place.

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