Kitchen Accessories, Storage Containers and Bakeware

You need the right tools for the job to be a really good cook and to enjoy your time in the kitchen

From cooking utensils and prep tools to baking and kitchenware, we’ve sourced the best quality products we can find.

Tumblers and mugs, tongs, ladles, mashers, brushes and whisks, bowls and containers are all part of the range.

Baking Accessories and Tools

Even those who don’t aspire to MasterChef status, bake a bit at home. And we all know that in order to bake, one needs a few basic tools – a mixing bowl and measuring spoons, cups and jugs. You also need a rolling pin, spatula, whisk and a range of cake and muffin tins – and a few sheet pans.

We have top of the range silicone baking utensils and tools – like spatulas, loaf pans, and muffin pans. No greasing, no fuss and so much better than using paper liners which may or may not easily remove at serving time.

Chocolate lovers will enjoy using the chocolate moulds and for bakers, we have really cute biscuit cutters that the kids will love.

Kitchen Storage and Organisation

We have food containers or all shapes and sizes. We source the best products from around the world to make your kitchen and your wallet happy. Take a look – with these food containers you can freeze, store, reheat and get food on the table safer and faster.

With good storage containers you can save money by not throwing away food that can be stores and reheated.

So whether you want to save money or save calories by taking your own lunch to work or just want to keep the creepy crawlies out of dry ingredients, these containers will make your kitchen a happier place to be.

Take a look at Three Specialised Kitchen Gadgets and how to use them.

Kitchen Prep Tools

Looking for a new garlic press, a colander or a range of cutting boards and mats, you are in the right place. We also stock can openers, juicers, peelers, funnels and sifters.


One of the first kitchen items anybody buys is a dish rack. At Household Plastic we also stock cleaning bushes, brooms and dustpans, mops, sponges and cleaning tools

Don’t forget the oven gloves, oven mitts and potholders to protect your hands.

Buy only premium kitchen brands from our four stores.

Here are some of the many Kitchen Products you can find in our Stores:

2 tone bowls

2 Tone Daisy Tumbler

2 Tone Glass

2 Tone Plates

300ml Large Mug

340ml Tumbler

Tea, Coffee and Sugar Set

3in1 Tea, Coffee, Sugar

Tea, Coffee, Sugar Medium

3pc Multi Storer

4 Division Fresh Keeper

6 Pack of Glasses

700ml Food Saver Box

Airtight Containers

Anti Bacterial Cloth 30x30cm

Anzo Measuring Spoon

Appetiser Tray, Flower

Bag Clip

Bag Clips 10pc

Baking Cup

Baking Cups, 2cm

Baking Paper

Bamboo Chopping Board

Bamboo Table Mat

Basin and Lid

Beer Mug

Beer Tumbler

Biscuit Barrel

Biscuit Cutters

Biscuit Moulds

Boosters Fern Bowl

Bowl and Lid

Bowl and Lid

Bowl and Lid 8" Red Floral

Bowls Singles

C'est La Vie Containers

Cake Saver

Cake Tin

Cereal Container

Champagne Glass

Champion Mug

Chocolate Moulds

Chopping Board with Strainer

Clear Bowl

Clear Tub 1000ml

Click and Seal, Rectangular

Cold Cuts Saver

Colour Airtight Container

Consol Curve Bottle

Consol Grip/Go Bottle 500ml

Consol Jar Catering Phoenix

Console Ceramic Jar

Console Jam Jar

Console Jar

Container and lid, 4pc

Container with a Handle

Containers, 5pc

Crepe Paper

Crystal Fruit Bowl

Crystal Jug

Cup and Lid

Cupcake Holder 12cm

Cupcake Stand

Cups, 10pc

Cute Mug

Cutlery Tray

Cutting Board Large

Cutting Board Medium

Cutting Board Plastic

Cutting Board Small

Cutting Board Tomato

Deep Lunch Box and Lid

Deluxe Containers, 5pc

Dessert Bowl 6" Red Floral

Dish rack

Dish rack and Tray

Double Deck Drainer

Dough Bowl and Lid

Drainer Cutlery Tray

Dry Food Containers

Easy Store Oval

Easy Store Oval

Egg Beater Colourful Handle

Egg Box

Egg Box 12 Holes

Egg Cooker

Egg Cups

Egg Cups, Daisy

Egg Rings

Egg Slicer

Emerald Colander Basin

Flour Stick

Food Cover Large

Food Storer

Formosa Click and Lock

Formosa Press and Seal

Formosa Rectangular Food Saver

Formosa, Press and Seal

Fresco Containers, 3pc

Fridge Bottle

Fridge Jug

Frosted Bowls

Fruit Juicer

Fussy Decor

Fussy Multi Storer

Fussy Super Store

Galaxy Radar Drainer

Goodies Plate

Grape Mug

Green Cups

Heat Pad Bag 2pc

Heavy Foil 450mmx60m

Ice Brick

Ice Stick Maker

Ice Trays

Ideal Containers

Indigo Boss Rectangular Containers

Jelly Mould, 4pc

Jug 1LT

Jug and Lid

Just Press Container

Kitchen Saver

Kitchen Tools

Kitchen Utensils, Black


Lager Mug

Lock & Lock Containers

Long Spoon

Mealie Meal Scoop

Measuring Jug

Mel Colourful Dot Plate

Mel Dotted Plate

Mel Flowers Plate

Melamine Flower Tumbler

Microwave Container, Round

Microwave Rice Cooker

Microwave Sausage Tray

Milk Jug

Mini Cooking Cups

Mini Glass, 6pc

Mini Plates, 6pc

Mixing Bowl and Lid

Mixing Bowls

Morning Meal Container

Multi Purpose Basin

Multi Purpose Basins

Multi-Function Box

Non Slip Tray 35.5mm

Oil Strainer

Onion Saver

Oval Plate

Oval Tray

Pan Curry Spoon

Pancake Mixing Bowl

Paper Doyleys

Party Plate

Party Plates 10pcs

Pastry Jagger

Pearl Butter Box

Plastic Cutlery, 12pc

Plastic Mug

Plastic Plate

Plastic Tray

Popcorn Bowl

Rainbow Containers, 7pc

Reclosable Freezer Bags

Rectangular Container

Rectangular Containers

Rectangular Tray

Rice Spoon

Rolling Pin

Rose Bowls

Round Containers

Round Paper Doilies

Round Plates

Saddle Cutlery Tray

Sahara Jug

Salad Bowls

Salad Spinner

Sauce Bottle 3pc

Scissors Home Option

Seal Container

Service Tray

Serving Tray

Serving Trays - 4 Div

Shallow Food Saver

Shot Glasses and Tray

Side Dish, Square

Side Plates

Silicon Brush with Handle

Silicon Cake Mould

Silicone Cupcake, Hearts

Silicone Glove with Card

Sistema Cereal

Sistema Hydrate

Sistema Klip It

Sistema Lunch

Sistema Microwave

Sistema Slimline Quaddie

Small Violet Dish Drainer

Small Kitchen Saver

Snack Tray

Soup Bowl

Spoon Chip 18cm

Square Basin and Lid

Square Bowls

Square Saver

Sunflower Serving Tray

Super Lock Container

Suzmatic Filter

Symbol Storage Box

Symbol Spice Container

Triangular Salad Plate

Vegetable Cleaner

Vegetable Racks

Water Jug with Cooler

White Round Plate

Wine Glasses

Wors Plate


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