Gardening Equipment for Growing Plants Indoors and Outdoors

Why don’t you save money and treat your palate by growing herbs and vegetables both indoor or out doors?

Before you start gardening and buying plants and seeds you need to do a little research to see what plants will be best in the available locations.

You don’t have to have a garden to be a gardener. Planting flowers, herbs and vegetables in pots and planters is popular, especially Growing Herbs in Pots and Containers at Home.

At Household Plastic we stock a variety of pots and trays as well as spray bottles, watering cans and river stones.

Here are some of the many Gardening Products you can find in our Stores:

Balcony Pot Plain Series

Bowl 10cm

Bowl 23cm

Bowl Fits Stand 13cm

Bowl Fits Stand 17cm


Green Pot 35cm

Green Pots 08cm

Green Pots 20cm

Green Saucers

Green Sexto Vase

Nergiz Flower Pot's

Oasis - Double Ikebana

Oasis - Full

Oasis - Half

Oasis - Long

Oasis X-Large

Octagon Bowl's

Orchid Vases

Riverstone Medium 1.2cm

Spray Bottle 1LT

Spray Bottle 450ml

Spray Bottle 500ml

Sprinkling Can 2000ml

T Marker


Vase Large

Watering Can

Watering Can 2LT

Watering Can Addis

Wire Mesh Pot's


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