DIY Home Improvements and Renovations

We know all about “Do it Yourself “don’t we, even if we’re not very good at it? DIY is a way of home remodelling, kitchen renovations, bathroom remodelling and general sprucing up without the direct aid of experts of professionals.

Some of us are handier than others, but there are a few DIY tricks that even the clumsiest homeowner can try to make their home more functional or beautiful.

Home improvements can range from painting or redoing a room, to tidying and organising your living space.

Most homes just don’t have enough space so we need to manipulate the purposes of rooms, build more storage, add mirrors, add the right balance of furniture, play with light, keep the bathrooms and kitchen tidy and paint or paper the walls.

For Some DIY is a Challenge, for Others, a Hobby

DIY offers an alternative to the modern consumer culture’s emphasis on relying on others to satisfy home improvement needs. For some it is a chore and a duty, for others a challenge and a hobby.

Everybody knows a friend or relative who is always boasting about their latest bathroom renovations or kitchen remodel.

At Household Plastic we can help you hang your pictures in many ways – double sided tape, self-adhesive hooks or picture mounts. To reach the pictures, we have a range of small step stools and ladders.

If you are looking for storage containers of all shapes and sizes and tool and tackle boxes, we will be able to meet your needs.

We also have funnels, door stoppers, curtain hooks, cable ties and organising boxes like pill containers.

Organisation is the Key

Because the best ways to keep a room looking organised and tidy is to keep the electric cords and plugs organised, so we can offer you triple, double and single adapters and multi- plugs.

So, learn to work with the spaces that you have and get rid of the stuff that you don’t need and aren’t using.

And before your start any DIY, why don’t you create a mindset to de-clutter your home in order to maximise your space?

Here are some of the many DIY Home Improvement Products you can find in our Stores:

10 Way Switched Multi Plug

1lt Hex Jar

2 Step Chair

20% White Shade Cloth

25LT Jerry Can

2x16a Adaptor

350ml Bottle

3x16A Adaptor

6 Way Switched Multi Plug

Accessory Kit (Small)

Assorted Picture Mounts

Bamboo Pegs


Bottle Pourer 3pc

Buff Tape

Candle Stick Holder

Clear Mat

Clear Round Jar

Clear Round Jar 2LT

Clear Tape 100mt

Compartment Organiser


Cooler Box, 12lt

Cup Hooks 32mm

Curtain Hooks 100pc

Curtain Plastic Hooks 10pc

Door Stopper

Door Stopper

Door Stopper 2pc


Double Sided Tape x3m

Funnel 15cm

Funnel Small

Funnel With a Handle

Funnel XL

Funnel Xtra Large 32cm

Hanging Box's

Janus Coupler Rubber

Kitchen Paper Towels 2pc


Letterbox Dumpy

Magyvar Toolbox

Magyver ToolBox

Multi Collection

Multi Purpose Box

Nylon Cable 20pc

Organising Basket

Paper Plate Holder 4pc

Phillip Smart Collection

Pickle Bottle

Picture Mounts Small

Pill Box Mini - 7 Division

Pill Boxes 7 Days

Pill Case 14pc

Pink Toolbox

Plastic Stool Colour

Plug Adaptor Euromate

Rubber Bands 300pc

Sandy Smart Collection

Self Adhesive Hooks 3pc

Small Oval Hooks 3pc

Smart Collection Beauty

Square Jar

Step Stool

Sticky Mat

Suit Cover 60x137cm

Super Glue

Survival Kit

Table Mat - 1mt cut

Tackle Box

Tammy Smart Collection

Tool Box

Transparent Waterproof Cloth

Travel First Aid Kit

Triple Adaptor Euromate

Volume Space Bag 70x110

Waterproof Shade Cloth

Work Box


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