Family coming to stay? These tips will help get your house sorted!

22 December 2016

It can be an extremely nerve-wracking and overwhelming time when family come to stay in your space. You want to make sure they have a good time and enjoy themselves, so the pressure is on! But don’t worry; in terms of clearing up your home space, we’ve got you sorted so you can enjoy this special time.


1. Under-bed Storage: Measure the space between the floor and your bed and purchase storage containers on wheels for easy access. Store your bulky Winter clothes or Winter comforters and blankets under the bed during Summer and make space in the cupboards for visitors.

2. To keep the dining room free for family meals and socialising, ensure that all homework, bills and papers are stored in labelled containers and kept in a dining room cupboard or stacked neatly on top of the desk in the study.

3. Store kids’ bath time play toys in a big plastic bin (with holes for the water to drain) and store it under the sink so the adults don’t have to navigate toys every time they want to shower or bath!

4. In case of a holiday emergency, make sure everything in the medicine cabinet is stored and organised correctly. Separate medication by its use and label the containers clearly for easy access.

5. If you still don’t have enough space for your visitors, place unnecessary items into big containers in the attic or basement until they have left.

6. Place your big family dinner leftovers in specific food-ready containers in the fridge so everyone knows where to find them for an easy, on-the-go lunch the next day!

You can purchase everything you need to perfectly handle holiday visitors from us at Household Plastics! Hosting family should be exciting and special; we hope our top tips will help to keep it that way for you!

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