Easy Spray Attachment for Home and Garden

27 August 2017

Aren’t you always looking for a suitable spray bottle for kitchen or bathroom surfaces or for your plants?

It somehow usually turns out that the liquid you want to spray is not in a spray bottle; or you don’t have any empty bottles or the spray bottles you do have are just not suitable.

At Household Plastic we have a new easy to use spray attachment that turns most screw top bottles into a sprayer.

How do Spray Bottles Work?

While spray bottles existed long before the middle of the 20th century, they used a rubber bulb which was squeezed to produce the spray; the quickly-moving air siphoned fluid from the bottle. Unlike the rubber bulb dispenser which primarily moved air with a small amount of fluid, modern spray bottles use a positive displacement pump that acts directly on the fluid. The pump draws liquid up a siphon tube from the bottom of the bottle and forces it through a nozzle, aerosolizing a mist, or dispensing a spray.

Easy Spray for Home and Garden

The simple to assemble plastic sprayer is easy to use. Follow these steps:

Step 1

Insert the thin plastic tube provided into the sprayer.


Step 2

Screw the sprayer onto a two litre bottle.


Step 3

Pump the spray attachment to create pressure.


Step 4

Point and Spray! You now have a handy spray bottle to use in your home or garden.

Convenient. Saves Time and Money

When you have this spray attachment (available at just R15.90 from one of the four Household Plastic Stores in Durban), you will have no need to buy expensive new bottles for different liquids.


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