Ditch the Cardboard Boxes for our Storage Containers

26 November 2017

Limited space in your home can leave you feeling frustrated and cluttered. Household Plastics offers a range of storage containers and DIY goodies to create your own storage solutions in your home.

Storage Tips and Tricks

1. Save counter space by installing a dish-drying rack inside a cupboard by sink.

2. Store your storage containers in a bigger a storage container or drawer. A tip here is to group containers of the same size to save space, rather than store the containers with their lids on. We have a range of clear storage containers available.

3. Use the hook from our DIY range to hold your measuring spoons or dish towels.

4. Purchase storage containers to place above cupboards storing appliances that you only seldom use, instead of keeping them on the counter.

5. Keep your shoes in our containers on wheels and keep it under your bed in your bedroom. The wheels make it easier to move the container back and forth!

6. Use our jars to store spices.

7. Get a drawer magician to keep all your spoons, forks and knives in order and avoiding the shuffle to find the right utensil.

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