A water container is anything from a plastic water bottle to a water drum or a jerry can – in fact anything that can hold water.

With water restrictions, floods and other emergencies, it is a good idea for every household to have a few good quality filled water containers on standby for emergencies.

If you store your water container in a cool, dark place water can still be safe to drink for up to six months. (Water does not really have an expiration date, but it starts tasting stale when stored for too long.)

To purify water, it needs to be heated to about 70C for 30 minutes or 85C for three minutes,

How much water should I store?

Standard emergency guidelines suggest that you store one gallon (3.7litres) of water per day for each person in your household for a three-day to two-week period. Generally, a normally active person needs to drink at least two litres of water each day.

Plastic Water Containers (Drums) range from 220 litre to the popular 25 litre Jerry Can.

Water containers with taps have become popular for use in the home and the office. They are also ideal to use for camping and picnics or for mixing juice for the kids.


100L Openhead 2400G Black

100ml Clear Bottle

10L Quickserve 600G Natural

200ml Clear Bottle

210L Tighthead 9500G Blue

220L Openhead 7500G Blue Screw

25L Openhead 1200G Blue Screw

25LT Jerry Can

300ml Clear Bottle

50ml Bottle 2pcs


Jerry Can 5LT

Tap and Container 10L


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