Bathroom Storage

13 August 2017

Regardless of your bathroom size, here’s how to make more out of your space. Believe it or not, your bathroom can be one of the most efficient spaces in your home. With enough room for essentials, it’s easy to cross the line between a cluttered sink and crowded showers but it doesn’t have to be that way with Household Plastic solutions!

  1. Hang baskets on the wall

Your baskets don’t have to sit on the floor or on the shelf, you can hang them n the while and store towels, toilet paper etc. in them and actually create a decoration in the bathroom whilst saving you space and uncluttering your bathroom.

  1. Rope together some of our peg baskets

Hang this DIY storage solution from a hook behind the door on the wall and throw in your make-up brushes, hairbrushes and any other beauty supplies.

  1. Invest in some plastic cath plugs

These plugs make it easy to hang small towels on, scrubbing brush or any other toiletries.

  1. Use storage baskets

Do you have space under your sink or next to the bath or shower? Purchase one of our storage baskets with lids and keep all your goodies kept away.

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